Technology: Music to Your Peers


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Music and technology have come a long way since recording a voice on a synthesizer and then playing it on every key – think Yello and Ferris Buellers Day Off. Music brings people together, so when Computer Orchestra crowd shares the concept of many voices I can’t help but think what sounds are music to people’s ears – and when will we hear them in this format?



Just Food: The science of eating creatively


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I started Just Food to explore the creative side of food preparation and presentation. I have to admit I’ve been a bit disappointed in how little creativity there is, but I think I’ve tapped into the main vein. I’m inspired and excited to learn more about the science behind these cool presentations so much so I signed up for Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science. Yup, I did! You can follow this adventure on my alter ego blog, DesignBox, to see if I can cut the mustard in an on-line course about science and food and possibly burning down the house – in a good way I hope.

I want to share my new visual crush with Moto Restaurant in Chicago and some awesomeness they’re cooking up.

Do these chefs dream about food inventions?

#10 Valentine’s Day: 1000 Words


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Artwork satisfies our need for visual nourishment and sometimes expresses what we can’t always put into words. Give your Valentine the gift of a 1000 words when you select a special piece of art to hang on the wall to forever remember this special moment in time.

TIP:  An enlarged photo from your own collection is as priceless as a gallery piece.



#11 Valentine’s Day: Oink!


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Serve up your Valentine a side of pork! No longer will the scallop be envied by all with a slice of this little piggy. Wrap your valentine in a succulent cut of silk guaranteed fat free and cholesterol free. Created by Swiss artist Natalie Luder, this eye catching scarf is digitally printed on silk and hand hemmed by the artist herself.

Tip: Not recommended for vegans!

Fou Lard 2 fou-lard-7-72dpi Natalie-Luder-Fou-Lard-aufgeschnitten41-400x295 Natalie-Luder-Fou-Lard-getragen_Natalie4-700x933 Natalie-Luder-Fou-Lard-Verpackung2 NL_FouLard_Atelier_3_gross

#12 Valentine’s Day: Love In Bloom


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Offered by the Serpentine Gallery, this fun little gift will make your green thumbed Valentine smile. “Love” is laser etched on the Sword Bean seed and will reveal itself again when the bean grows its leaf. How cute is that! This organic art in a recycled can is in the tradition of the untraditional Yoko Ono – “Grow Love With Me”.

Tip: This is a limited addition and may not be available in time for Valentine’s Day, so plan accordingly!


#13 Valentine’s Day: He’s Covered


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For the gents with classic tastes and a contemporary lifestyle give him the Valentine gift he will carry with him everyday. Smythson’s Camel nubuck lining wrapped in pigskin will keep his iPad lifeline to his financial gig safely tucked away in high style.



If spending $465.00 blows the budget check out Pad & Quill’s sophisticated visual reference to the classics. An old school approach to technology may lead to corduroy blazers and a leather club chair.

PadandQuill4 PadandQuill3


Your guy’s thing is expressing his individuality? Check out Redbubble for unique designs from artists and designers to shelter his copy of on-line WIRED.

High Design 2 High DesignStudown







Tip: Covers are available for iPhones and smaller iPad.



#14 Valentine’s Day: La Maltese Estate


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Welcome back to the second year of “14 Days of Valentine’s Day”!

To start off the fourteen (or more) gift ideas to inspire and motivate the lover in everyone, I’ve selected a volcano to warm the heart and feed the soul. Perched nearly 1000 ft above the Aegean Sea, the Greek island of Santorini overlooks La Caldera or “cauldron” formed 3500 years ago by a volcanic eruption. Surrounded by beautiful views, La Maltese Estate is the perfect Valentine getaway for the romantic traveller. This boutique hotel once served as a sea captains mansion and offers breathtaking vistas, fine dining and spa services. Local vineyard tours are available as are yacht and helicopter excursions to tour the beauty of the region.

Tip: Plan now for their March opening season and with only 9 rooms grab some friends and rent the entire villa!

Extra Tip!: Jetsetter is offering a special rate ending on February 7th, book now!

Bon Voyage!

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It’s Coming!


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It makes or breaks a new relationship, underscores poor shopping skills, instills panic, fear or high expectations in existing couples or reinforces an appropriate selection of a mate. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day! February 1st kicks off the third annual 14 Days of Valentine’s Day posts to give everyone a fighting chance and make it a day less dreaded. This year I’m reaching out to followers for ideas to support small businesses, highlight unique artisans, promote outside-the-box thinking and to shake it all up a bit. If you have a product or idea from traditional to off the charts that would take Valentine’s Day beyond the old standbys let’s include it and get it noticed. Shoot me an email at with a write up or link to info and high res pictures and let’s make VD something people look forward to (pun intended).


PB&J hearts