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Welcome back to the second year of “14 Days of Valentine’s Day”!

To start off the fourteen (or more) gift ideas to inspire and motivate the lover in everyone, I’ve selected a volcano to warm the heart and feed the soul. Perched nearly 1000 ft above the Aegean Sea, the Greek island of Santorini overlooks La Caldera or “cauldron” formed 3500 years ago by a volcanic eruption. Surrounded by beautiful views, La Maltese Estate is the perfect Valentine getaway for the romantic traveller. This boutique hotel once served as a sea captains mansion and offers breathtaking vistas, fine dining and spa services. Local vineyard tours are available as are yacht and helicopter excursions to tour the beauty of the region.

Tip: Plan now for their March opening season and with only 9 rooms grab some friends and rent the entire villa!

Extra Tip!: Jetsetter is offering a special rate ending on February 7th, book now!

Bon Voyage!

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