Who Am I?

This blog is the off-the-clock side of Woodcliffe Design. What, you think interior designers are all about interior design? Well, some are but not at this drive-in. Here is where the features are about design and how they effect life in the real world. Everything, and I mean everything, is designed and yet most people don’t get what designers do. Think about this the next time you sit on a chair, drop your iPad or just walk down the street. EVERYTHING IS DESIGNED! Good design is keeping those clothes you’re wearing from falling off the minute you raise your arm to sip coffee. Didn’t think of that, did you?

I’ve been an interior designer for over a decade and in marketing and advertising before that. It’s all related. In fact, all professions are related in some way, shape or form you just have to look.

As designers we all have our specialties and my “sweet spot” is design project management of residential construction. That means my client’s projects are done right, on time and they can be fairly certain the walls won’t collapse. With that said, welcome to my next project and follow along as I construct this blog and build informational bridges to real world living.


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