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Now that I’ve matured, food and drink have become a journey of appreciation. From farm to table or vineyard to an appropriate wine glass, eating is an enjoyment of flavors and textures to delight the senses. Unless….


Who can resist a well crafted Jell-o shot! I can make a creative, flavor driven shot of alcohol and gelatin that will land you on your be-hind after about two, but this is a whole other level of shooting. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen has a high level of creativity and dedication to the fine art of, well, drinking. This really is up there in entertainment value with the flaming coffee drinks I’ve had table side in Bermuda.

Alcohol infusion is not limited to just wiggly, jiggly creative concoctions! JSTK has taken drinking to new levels with pudding shots, the Twinkie Trifle and a Boston Cream Pie Jelly Shot. Oh my goodness!

The weekend approaches and we’ll definitely be firing up our own test kitchen and including a shot or two of these mini cocktails.