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Spa:  a commercial establishment (as a resort) providing facilities devoted especially to health, fitness, weight loss, beauty, and relaxation.

Should you decide to present this to your favorite guy or gal you will chalk up points whether it’s a day spa or a stay spa. Any guy in the know definitely won’t groan at the idea of a few hours (or more) of relaxation and pampering with his sweetheart. Spas go beyond massages and facials to focused programs of yoga, pilates, life coaching and fitness. If you’re Valentine is adventurous try a spa offering cryotherapy. At -184F this chilled chamber is an alternative to a traditional heat treatment, but only for 2-3 minutes or the day won’t end well.

Spa Finder is offering gift certificates for the thousands of spas across the world with a 20% discount for a second certificate.

TIP:  You may not want to mention the “weight loss” part of this definition if this gift is going to a woman.