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I’m a hotel snob. There, I’ve said it and I’d say it again. Maybe it was that time in elementary school I drove cross country with my best friend and her parents and we stopped at a (GULP!) motel. The motel standard of design comes from the rule book “Nana says this will look lovely in your room“. Now that I’m a big kid, that memory of a neat little motel room dressed like Bette Davis in “Now Voyager” still haunts me when surfing for the perfect “I could sleep there” accommodations. Maybe this was a driving force behind becoming a designer? I recall all of those special rate hotel rooms we took over as college students after formals and I’m sure drinking games certainly weren’t taking place at the chic hotels in town. With that quick, little therapy session, here are some trendy haunts to set your matching luggage down in and enjoy an equally trendy cocktail.

Boston tucks its trendy boutique hotels into historic buildings for an effective juxtaposition between old and new. The Ames Hotel is the newest addition to Boston’s Back Bay and Faneuil Hall area. No need to dress in tweed in this historic town, hot off the runway will work just as well.

New York’s trendy The Mave is located in the Flatiron district on Madison Avenue. Pet friendly and definitely trendy, this upbeat style will positively keep the energy of the city in circulation. Simple design infused with hot colors makes for a stylish boudoir to kick off those heels in after an evening of eclectic cuisine.

The Tcherassi Hotel is located along Columbia’s beautiful Caribbean Coast.  Designed by Columbian born fashion designer, Silvia Tcherassi in collaboration with CF Hospitality, this hotel breaths luxury. I’m sure living in a tent would prove luxurious in this region, but Tcherassi’s reinterpretation of fashion into living spaces succeeds in awakening the “inner senses of each person”.

What was once a railway station is now a truly contemporary hotel. Located in central Milan, Maison Moschino takes the design leap into a luxurious fantasy world where sophistication and frivolity vie for the same space. With rooms named “Luxurious Attic”, “Sleeping in a Ballgown”, “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz” or simply “Blue”, how could you not enjoy a stay here? Checked into trendy, unique or maybe bizarre accommodations, lately? Let me know and I’ll include it in my next Destinations post.