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It’s on the list. The heaviest item on the list. The most awkward, ill shaped, brightly colored in order to market to all ages item that everyone has to have. If you put it in a bag nothing else fits, so you’re forced to carry it in one hand in order to balance out the other 20 pounds of supplies and perishables. There’s rarely  a coupon for the brand you’re looking for unless you want to buy two and humans don’t have enough hands for that. When you get home, a flight of stairs grows before you like a dream in Alice In Wonderland. The steps are laughing and waiting for you to lift your leg for that first step of many. Your journey to lug that item we all must have to the top begins.

OR, you take the light stuff and let hubby do the lugging.

What the heck am I talking about? Laundry detergent, of course. That ergonomically designed mold of colorful plastic that’s formed to lay on its side, perched on a shelf and ready to dispense. But what happens when we’re done with it? We know that not all plastic is recycled, in fact a staggering amount of plastic is not recycled. We can use it to kick around the yard because Fido loves brightly colored objects in flight. Or we can upcycle!

Per usual, my search for one thing led me in a different direction and right to Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. His site, BNO Design, has unique lighting and furniture designs found in upscale hotels, restaurants and private residences.  The New York and Miami pads of Lenny Kravitz are sporting some of  BNO’s more unique items. What caught my attention were the LMAO little lights made out of – you guessed it – laundry detergent bottles!

blazing tide pig

tide pig


These creative little creatures are $75.00 and are a bright little piece of artwork.


What really got me were the names and the expressions!

hot open face – on fire!

You’ll find these and more at BNOdesign. This is where upcycling, forward thinking and design all come together to create functional art and helps the environment. This is how design effects everyone in the Real World.