What if our clothes were smarter than us? What if they could sense a romantic gesture? Or alert us to potential danger bristling like the hair on our arms. What if…

Ying Gao has taken fashion and technology and pushed the envelope to reveal material with microelectronic technology. A movement, a whisper, a stream of light and the garment responds like the leaves of a venus flytrap.

Garments that expand and contract as naturally as breathing. What if our pillows adjust themselves after we get up? What if the upholstery in our car responds to our body temperature and adjusts the climate accordingly?

As cool as this technology is where will it take us? This is where design takes us on a journey. The potential uses beyond what we see in front of us, like a garment, is the beginning of  something new and exciting. The car industry is one of the highest profile providers of inventive design and technology coming together to create a widely appreciated product.  A poorly designed vehicle may be purchased, but it’s the finely detailed machine that pulls us in and makes us fall in love. Now that’s good design.